An Exercise to Teach BOTH Horse & Rider to Be More Patient in Front of Jumps




Let's face it... with the excitement that is often involved in jumping, both horse and rider sometimes have trouble waiting for the jump to come to them! When horses have trouble waiting in front of fences, and end up changing their rhythm and/or stride length, their balance will usually be negatively affected. This will be especially so if they brace or resist against the rider's hand as they try to rush! 

And if the rider's excitement on the approach to the jump causes them to want to do something to help the process along - that will almost always have a negative effect on the way the horse will jump that fence. Since horses jump their best when their riders approach the jump in a poised and consistent manner, and when they are able maintain the same rhythm and balance right to the base of the fence - both horse and rider will benefit from this often overlooked exercise.