"Why do I love My Virtual Eventing Coach? Because I have seen amazing RESULTS! I have been a member for just over a year, and I am amazed at how much I have learned! Why have my instructors not been teaching me this stuff?! Things that I have been struggling with for YEARS I have finally mastered, just because thanks to you, I finally actually UNDERSTAND what the problem is! Thank you so much! I will be a member for life!"

"Lesley is one of the best horsewomen of her generation.  She combines a sophisticated understanding of horses and riders with clear and simple corrections. These qualities make her an outstanding instructor." ~ Jim Wofford 

"I have a great trainer, but think what your site offers is the chance to think (very meaningfully) about my riding when I'm NOT in the saddle. This more "meta-cognitive" approach helps me solve problems that I have when my trainer is not there. (i.e. any competition). Thank you so much!"

"Thank you so much for this wonderful site! Worth every penny!"

"Not only does My Virtual Eventing Coach provide literally an on-line encyclopedia of insightful information, articles, answers to questions we all have (regardless of discipline), her photo and video critiques are thorough, detailed, articulate and written in a such a way that the normal rider (i.e. me!) can understand and easily implement the improvement recommendations."

"I can't believe how much this site is helping me! I am learning more here than I have in my lifetime of lessons!"

"My Virtual Eventing Coach is a must for any serious rider! If I have a problem or am looking for different exercises to suit me or my horse I know that I can hop onto MVEC and find the info that I need. The best part is that other articles are linked into the article you are reading so you can take a step back to the basics or move forward to a more advanced exercise. Definitely worth every penny!"

"I can't tell you enough how much I love this site and appreciate the feedback!"

"I love your take on things and have picked up some great new ways of teaching and explaining things. I always strive to meet my students where they are but I don't always have the specific tool they need. Your site is one of the many references I keep in MY tool box so that I keep actively thinking about new ways and different ways to convey the philosophy and skill of riding."

"Awesome!! New and concrete ideas!!! Not what I was expecting!! That's why I keep coming back!"

"Lesley, love your advice, so detailed and personal! Truly worth the monthly membership fee!"

"I've been a subscriber for over two years, and I LOVE the site. I love it! There is so much useful information and even in re-reading the articles and things I get something new from them all the time. And there is constantly new stuff posted. Love it. Totally worth it. I especially love the specific exercises, and things like that. Gives me motivation, since I often ride alone."

"Thank you for a wonderful service!"

"I am currently a veterinary student going into more debt each year... so forking out money for lessons and entry fees is always extra hard! Which is why I love this site, it's an inexpensive way to keep learning!"

"I love your site and believe you have a great deal of valuable coaching to share."

"Your website is absolutely perfect for all levels of eventers....heck, all riders! When I first joined, I thought I would likely exhaust the available information and not need it anymore. That couldn't be further from the truth!! The more time I spend with horses (and riders), especially as a coach, the more I realize that there is absolutely no end to what we can encounter. Not only is your site fabulous for riders but it is an invaluable resource for coaches. Your articles are so clearly written and full of helpful detail. You address many common issues and the beauty of your site is that a member can ask for further clarification!! I've read lots of great books, but sometimes, there will be a section and I want to ask the author, "But, what about what/when/if....*insert issue*..". You have a great gift and are highly approachable and your website is chock full of information and very easy to navigate. And, if you don't find what you're looking for, just ask and you're guaranteed to have an article addressing your specific situation up within a couple of days! Doesn't get much better!!"

"Thanks again for your coaching! I think this is going to be super helpful!"

"Wow! I finally joined this site after watching it for about a year, and I am truly amazed by all of the great information that you have on here! I could kick myself for not joining sooner, as I think this is going to be SO helpful to me and my horse!!"

"Truly, I HAVE had trainers that gave me much less feedback for a LARGE daily fee to watch my rounds."

"I find this site to be very complimentary to my in-person training!"

"Lesley Stevenson is simply the best horsewoman I've ever met. I'm at best an average amateur, single mom with full time career and little time for my horses which remain a semi-neglected passion - under Lesley's expert guidance my Friesian has gone from a great horse that the professionals said 'would make a great harness horse' to one that a current US Olympic hopeful Dressage rider says has 'the best canter of any Friesian she's ever met.' Her ability to 'read' any horse and her patience in imparting that knowledge to the most intractable and unfocused of students are truly amazing. If you've been thinking of joining this site, just do it!"

"I'm really excited to be a part of MyVirtualEventingCoach! I think it will be a perfect supplement to my regular lessons!"

"Love, love, love your site!"

"The great thing about reading about something you're working on is that it slows down the process and allows you to think a bit more."

"Thanks so much for your help!! It's already making a difference in my rides!"

"Have been intrigued by the tiiles of your articles for months but, as a dressage rider, put off by the eventing label of your website. Finally joined today so I could read this entry. So glad I did! Your dressage articles are correct and to the point. Thank you, and keep posting the wonderful dressage tips!"

"I love your insight and blog. Thank you so much for all the great advice!!"

"I feel like I'm in Eventing grad school!"

"I just joined your Virtual Eventing Coach, and am beyond thrilled with the amount of info on there!"

"Thanks for the great ideas! I never thought "virtual" coaching could work as well as this does! I've learned so much! Well worth the subscription! People in Nebraska and such where it's hard to find trainers really need you!"


"Love your website! You are so clear and right on in your observations and comments."

"I wasn't sure that I would get a lot out of your site, because I really don't know what questions to ask. But I find that I am learning so much from reading the answers to all the other riders' questions! And your articles are fabulous! Thank you so much for this great service!"

"I feel like I'm in a secret club full of knowledge and good horse riding..."

"I LOVE My Virtual Eventing Coach because it allows me access to my coach any time, without having to wait for my next lesson. If you are like me and think about riding all day everyday, you come up with a million questions you just want to know NOW. Having someone so knowlegable to ask, and an amazing resource to look up is invaluable. I am a thinking rider and I like to understand all the in's and out's and why's and what for's of the exercises I use, and this site allows me to delve into so much information without driving my local coach batty with all my questions throughout my ridden lessons."

"Thank you! Great advice, as always!"

"I have to be honest, I didn't really believe that online coaching could be very helpful, since you are not actually there seeing the problem. But I am VERY impressed at how much you've been able to help me just through videos and discussions! You have a gift!!"

"I can't tell you how much your feedback helps, it really is such a great supplement to my lessons and I feel like I am becoming a more well rounded rider with the help of your feedback and all the information on your website. You are so knowledgeable and can really pinpoint the things that need changing. Thank you also for complementing my horse, I am so lucky to own him, he is my heart horse for sure, have had him since he was weaned and hope to own him for his entire life!! Thank you for all you do!!"

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