The Corridor of Aids




Imagine that you are moving down this hallway... If you are truly traveling in a straight manner, it should be easy to avoid bumping into the walls on either side of you - no matter how narrow the corridor is (providing you fit, of course.) 

The same holds true of our horses. If your horse isn't straight (read the full definition of straightness here), you will find that he has a tendency to drift towards, bump into, or even lean on one of the walls. 

Now imagine that there are walls on either side of you as you as you ride, whether you are traveling in a straight line or a curved line. Are you able to easily keep your horse in the center of the corridor? Or does he tend to bump into or lean on one of the walls?

It is SO common for horses to move into and lean up against one wall - and much of the time the rider is not even fully aware of this happening! And it is also extremely common for this to become a chronic problem. Why? Because....