Dr. Haefner's Corner "Ask the Doc", Question # 9




Maike writes: I trust myself less riding my own horse meaning I really truly trust him but have fear of injuring or disappointing him, much more so than previously riding horses for others… But riding my own horse now, and he is my life! I get really nervous and anxious dreaming about silly accidents. Of course I ride less hours and no other horses anymore, meaning less practice and all those other worries have disappeared, but would love to obtain a handle on those fears the better to enjoy those times we still have together.
Maike – Thank you for the question! Many riders struggle with feelings about not being good enough for their horses. Some, like yourself, worry about letting their horse down in a way that might lead to accidents or injury. Others worry about "ruining" a good horse in other ways like chipping away at the horse’s confidence and training as a result of their lack of skill.