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The Horse/Rider Relationship - Respect Vs Trust

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Respect and trust are the basis for all relationships within the horse's world. In the herd, a "pecking order" or hierarchy is established pretty quickly. Every new horse to enter the herd learns who is the leader of the group, as well as which of the other horses are "above" them in the order.

It's obvious that horses respect their herd leaders.....they are always aware of where they are, and are quick to move out of their way - sometimes they are already moving when their leader is still 50 feet away but heading in their direction. But what may not be as easily apparent is how much they actually trust and look to their leaders when they need guidance or protection. Having a herd leader takes the pressure off - they will usually put the leader between themselves and any percieved threat, and will let the leader decide how dangerous it really is. 

Horses relate to their humans....

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