Dr. Haefner's Corner "Ask the Doc", Question # 8

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Hi, my horse spooks seeing a cow/peacock when we are practicing and sometimes even bolts. I've fallen during some of these occasions. My fear now is if he spooks during competition, its going to be a problem, Pls suggest (Sukh)
Sukh – One of the greatest challenges I face as a sport psychologist is to explore the fine line between a horse training problem, a riding skill and experience issue, and a rider’s psychological challenge. In the circumstance you describe, my instinct is that the initial focus should be on the horse and working on the spooking issue. There are many talented horse trainers that could help you with your horse’s reaction to distractions on the farm such as cows and peacocks. In this way, you may face fewer dangers from spooks at home as well as in competition. (Click on Question Title above to read full answer)

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