Video Assignments!

We will regularly announce a new short assignment subject for our members. Things such as: 


  • Show me your turn on the forehand
  • Show me a turn down the center line, and a halt at X
  • Show me a trip through a simple gymnastic line, like a cross rail one stride to a vertical
  • Show me a figure eight at the canter, with a simple change of lead through the trot


When you see an assignment on this page that interests you, make and send in a short video, showing JUST the movement or task requested.


You will be judged as you would be in the Dressage ring, with a score between 1 and 10. And you will receive comments to explain your score, as well as tips on how to improve that score. You can then do some homework for a while, and send in another video to judge your improvement, if you wish!


Send your YouTube links to:




Recent Entries

Video Assignment # 1: Show us a turn down the center line with a halt at X in your Dressage ring!

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