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Recent Entries

  Photo # 77: This is Samantha!
  Question # 312, and Photo # 76: Kellyn has a question about her horse's tendency to get in too close to the jumps and jump in poor form.
  Photo # 75: This is Wendy!
  Photo # 74: This is Elizabeth!
  Photo # 73: This is Kjersti!
  Photo # 72: This is Eileen!
  Photo # 71: This is Kayla!
  Photo # 70: This is Anna!
  Photo # 69: This is Lija!
  Photo # 68: Hailey would like a conformation critique for her horse, a 16.2 hand Appendix!
  Photo # 67: This is Samantha, who is just beginning to jump again after 4 years off!
  Photo # 66: This is Amy!
  Photo # 65: Kellyn would like a conformation critique on this coming 2 year old Iberian Warmblood filly!
  Photo # 64: This is Brianna!
  Photo # 63: This is Adria!
  Photo # 62: This is Rachel!
  Photo # 61: Melanie would like a conformation critique for her horse!
  Photo # 60: This is Suzanne on her trainer's Dutch Warmblood Quarter Pony cross!
  Photo # 59: This is Kellyn and her horse Rowan!
  Photo # 58: This is Amy again!
  Photo # 57: This is Amy!
  Photo # 56: This is Kymbre and her horse Al!
  Photo # 55: This is Rachel! (Current Freebie!)
  Photo # 54: This is Kayla schooling a drop fence!
  Photo # 53: This is Ilinka!
  Photo # 52: Rachel sends us 3 photos in a sequence, and would like her position critiqued
  Photo # 51: This is Kelly!
  Photo # 50: This is Kayla!
  Photo # 49: Jen would like a conformation critique on her mare!
  Photo # 48: This is Kayla!
  Photo # 47: This is Laura!
  Photo # 46: Laura would like a conformation critique on her 6 yo OTTB!
  Photo # 45: This is Rachelle! And she has a question about whether or not this saddle is appropriate for her.
  Photo # 44: Sam would like a critique of this 5 year old OTTB gelding! And would like an opinion on what job he would be best suited for based on his conformation.
  Photo # 43: Valerie would like to know if this 2 year old TB stallion might be a good Event prospect!
  Photo # 42: This is Kari!
  Photo # 41: This is Storey!
  Photo # 40: This is Hannah! (Current freebie!)
  Photo # 39: This is Shannon!
  Photo # 38: This is Caroline! (Current Freebie!)
  Photo # 37: This is Nicole!
  Photo # 36: This is Courtney! She sent this picture in to show the trouble that her horse sometimes has with verticals that have no ground line. She would like some advice on how to help her horse with this problem.
  Photo # 35: This is Mandy!
  Photo # 34: This is Storey!
  Photo # 33: This is Catherine!
  Photo # 32: This is Ramona!
  Photo # 31: This is Holly again!
  Photo # 30: This is Briana at the AEC's!
  Photo # 29: This is Holly!
  Photo # 28: This is Holly's next Eventing prospect! He is a 17 month old Appy/ISH cross.
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