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Discussion # 172: Let's talk about the similarities of ballroom dancing and riding horses! 

Discussion # 171: How would you ride this Sunken Road cross country complex?

Discussion # 170: Look at the difference in this horse's musculature and carriage with time and training! What are the improvements that you notice?

Discussion # 169: Which of these pictures shows the best piaffe? (Click here to see enlarged picture)

Discussion # 168: Where exactly would you jump this cross country fence and why?

Discussion # 167: Let's discuss the Dressage term, "the falling down neck."

Discussion # 166: Which of these 2 horses is reaching more into the rein connection?

Discussion # 165: Which horse has better leg conformation?

Rule Quiz # 33: What are the rules regarding what type of whip you can carry for cross country?

Discussion # 164: What do you think this comment means?

Discussion # 163: How do you judge a horse's innate athletic ability *without* the ability to watch him jump?

Discussion # 162: The shoulder in is considered to be the "mother" of all lateral movements. Can anyone tell us why this is so?

Discussion # 161: Do you keep your horse on the aids when out hacking? Or do you mostly give your horse loose reins? What are the pros and cons for either method?

Discussion # 160: How would you ride this fence??

Video Discussion # 104: What caused this rail down?

Video Discussion # 103: On teaching a horse to be quick and clever, or to "pat the ground" when jumping from a deep distance.

Rule Quiz # 32: Who can tell us *how* you are allowed to use your spurs in Eventing competition? What specifically, is not allowed?

Video Discussion # 102: This is a great way to improve your posture when jumping!

Discussion # 159: How would you ride this fence?

Discussion # 158: What's the best piece of riding advice you have ever received??

Video Discussion # 101: I love this horse's naturally round and relaxed gallop stride on cross country!

Discussion # 157: How would you ride this cross country complex?

Video Discussion # 100: Let's watch Michael Jung's complete warm up for Dressage at this year's Rolex 3 Day Event!

Discussion # 156: How would you ride this Irish Bank?

Discussion # 155: How does your horse most commonly evade your bending aids?

Discussion # 154: Good vs bad extended trot

Discussion # 153: What does this rider need to work on??

Video Discussion # 99: The question was asked, "Can you discuss how to encourage a horse to be as careful and smart as this horse is on the downhill at 4:45?"

Quiz #31: Rule quiz!

Discussion # 152: Who can answer this question about the Dressage movement called "renvers"?

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