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Video # 326: This is Sophie, riding a Dressage test in Pompadour, France!

Video # 325: This is Bridget doing a Dressage test!

Video # 324: This is Bridget and her 5 year old horse's first course at 75cm!

Video # 323, and Question # 355: Rose would like some help with her 6 yo Connemara mare, who tends to be tense and rushy.

Video # 322: Here is Bridget, trying the exercise from the article: An Exercise to Help Teach Your Horse to Seek the Connection

Video # 321: This is Bridget again, this time with her young 4 year old horse doing grid work for the very first time.

Video # 320: This is Bridget, and her 20 year old horse who hasn't done this in quite a while!

Video # 319: This is Kayla, working on her flatwork!

Video # 318: This is Kayla, trying out a fun jumping exercise!

Video # 317: This is Jessica and her horse, Dancer, having a jumping lesson!

Video # 316: This is Kayla having a jump school!

Video # 315 and Question # 340: Kaley has a question (with video), about his horse's jumping form, and whether or not his horse might still have upper level potential, despite the form he shows now as a green horse.

Video # 314, and Question # 337: Lauren has a question (with video) about her new OTTB mare.

Video # 313, and Question # 335: Kayla is riding in a jumping lesson, and wants to know why she got jumped out of the tack on the first jump!

Video # 312 and Question # 331: This is Rachael!

Video # 311 and Question # 329: Kayla is practicing BN test A, and has a few questions.

Video # 310: This is Susanne and her lovely horse Corelli, schooling cross country!

Video # 309 and Question # 325: Kayla is finding it difficult to keep her horse on the aids in walk to halt transitions.

Video # 108 and Question # 323: Kayla has a question (with video) about her horses tendency to fall out through his right shoulder when going to the left.

Video # 107 and Question # 321: Kellyn has a question about her lovely OTTB, along with a video

Video # 106 and Question # 320: Kayla asks if her horse looks to be accepting the bit as she lunges him in side reins.

Video # 105: This is Kayla training her horse to jump!

Video # 104: This is Kayla riding Novice level test B

Video # 103: This is Kayla doing Novice level Show Jumping!

Video # 102: This is Kellyn, riding Novice level test B

Video # 101: This is Kellyn and her horse, Bauer, doing their Novice level show jumping round!

Video # 100: This is Susanne and her lovely horse enjoying some cross country schooling!

Question # 314 and Video # 99: This is Susanne!

Video # 98: This is Kayla and her coming 6 year old TB mare riding Training level test 2

Question # 309, and Video # 97: This is Susanne!

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