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Recent Entries

  Video # 315 and Question # 340: Kaley has a question (with video), about his horse's jumping form, and whether or not his horse might still have upper level potential, despite the form he shows now as a green horse.
  Question # 339: Kayla has another question about how to stay with her horse's motion over jumps.
  Question # 338: Nancy has a question about one of her legs, which tends to be too far back.
  Video # 314, and Question # 337: Lauren has a question (with video) about her new OTTB mare.
  Question # 336: Kelly has a question about an OTTB that she is trying.
  Video # 313, and Question # 335: Kayla is riding in a jumping lesson, and wants to know why she got jumped out of the tack on the first jump!
  Question # 334: Kayla has a question about how to go about training the horse to do the more difficult lateral movements that require the horse to move in the direction of the bend.
  Question # 333: Kayla has a question about core/ab exercises for her horse.
  Question # 332: Ellen is having some difficulties when trotting fences.
  Video # 312 and Question # 331: This is Rachael!
  Question # 330: Kayla has a question about how to avoid the chair seat problem.
  Video # 311 and Question # 329: Kayla is practicing BN test A, and has a few questions.
  Question # 328: Kayla has a question about trotting fences.
  Question # 327: Kayla has a question about how long a rider might get away with doing their Dressage in a Jumping saddle
  Question # 326: Ellen has a question about her horse becoming barn sour and threatening to rear.
  Video # 309 and Question # 325: Kayla is finding it difficult to keep her horse on the aids in walk to halt transitions.
  Question # 324: How do you transfer the better position from riding with no stirrups into riding with them again?
  Video # 108 and Question # 323: Kayla has a question (with video) about her horses tendency to fall out through his right shoulder when going to the left.
  Question # 322: Kayla has some new jumps and has a question about what to set up for a green horse.
  Video # 107 and Question # 321: Kellyn has a question about her lovely OTTB, along with a video
  Video # 106 and Question # 320: Kayla asks if her horse looks to be accepting the bit as she lunges him in side reins.
  Question # 319: Question about your advice to do lots of transitions back and forth from trot to canter to loosen up a horse's back...
  Question # 318: My horse and I are continuing on in training and he has really become much more balanced over all in the show jumping. Before he used to land and have such a large canter stride that it seemed like most of my focus was...
  Question # 317: My mare ALWAYS lands on the right lead after a jump...
  Question # 316: My horse is afraid of ditches in competition. When schooling I give him time to see ditch and walk around it he will jump right over. But in an event he will stop at a new ditch...
  Question # 315: My half halts seem to work pretty well on the flat, but between jumps my horse tends to blow me off. He fights the bit and just keeps going at whatever speed he wants. What can I do to make him listen to me? (Aimee)
  Question # 314 and Video # 99: This is Susanne!
  Question # 313, and photo # 77: Rachel has a quick question about which ring to use on the surcingle for lunging in side reins.
  Question # 312, and Photo # 76: Kellyn has a question about her horse's tendency to get in too close to the jumps and jump in poor form.
  Question # 311: After reading your article on whether to look for a distance or focus on the quality of the canter, I have a few questions for you....
  Question # 310: What's best way to teach your horse to maintain a steady rhythm? My horse has issues with this. (Chris)
  Question # 309, and Video # 97: This is Susanne!
  Question # 308: Wondering if I could get some advice on choosing a bit to try for a horse of mine. He's an ottb who is not far into retraining and is a fantastic horse with a great brain but I'm a bit stumped on what to try for a bit....
  Question # 307: I am getting ready to start my youngster under saddle. What bit do you recommend for starting a young horse? (Karen)
  Question # 306: Do you recommend getting a pure showjumping coach or an eventing coach to help with showjumping issues? (Ashleigh)
  Question # 305: My question is about arena footing depth. I have a small indoor arena (75x75) that recently got new sand footing. Seems to me though that it is too deep in the areas which I ride most. Currently it is 6-8 inches deep...
  Question # 304: So I have recently acquired an off track standardbred pacer. We are in the works of trotting only, and not pacing, before we even attempt the canter. The plan is for him to event lower level...
  Question # 303: My horse is SO lazy, I have such a hard time getting her to go forward. She exhausts me nearly every time I ride her. Although she is better once we really get jumping courses...
  Question # 302, and Video # 96: I have a question about confidence. My horse is 8 but had about 6 months off when I was pregnant in 2015. Since coming back I feel like he has been spookier then he used to be. Before I could trust him to jump anything...
  Question # 301: Do you have any advice, suggestions for us older riders that suffer from chronic back & hip issues? I feel I am well past my peak as a competitive rider and as I age I lose more and more "ability." Help. Please. (Nancy)
  Question # 300: Do leads matter when riding XC? (Ellen)
  Question # 299: My OTTB was recently diagnosed with some major back pain associated with saddle fit (I guess two different saddle fitters looking at it 4 different times wasn't enough!)....
  Question # 298: Your tip of the day about the walk made me think about this question.... I have a nice warmblood mare that I have started and I am only doing exercises in the walk for the first year on her back to give her time to grow...
  Question # 297: Suggestions for how to figure out when you're ready for a double bridle and also how to possibly figure out which curb? I currently ride in a French link snaffle bradoon. (Jennifer)
  Question # 296: I have a question about "bitting up" versus moving up....
  Question # 295: I am just getting into Eventing after about 10 years of riding in the H/J world. What advice do you have for me? Things I need to focus on, etc? (Jesse)
  Question # 294 and Video # 92: My question is about banks, specifically jumping down....
  Question # 293: So I'm bringing along a young horse. I have been trying to go slow with him, keep jumps small while he grows. He's in his five year old year now. My question is, what is a good guideline for heights you should be jumping at certain ages?
  Question # 292: Is a stop or turnout at a jump considered a disobedience or a spook? And do you believe some "spooks" are really just excuses to misbehave not truly fear? (Nancy)
  Question # 291: I want to get my mare to PSG in Dressage, and I'm dabbling again in jumping at novice level. I've been riding her Dressage for the last 5 years, with hardly any jumping. I ride mostly off of seat and thigh aids, with very little lower leg,
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