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A series of educational articles written by Lesley. If you have any requests for topics, please send them to: admin@myvirtualeventingcoach.com 

Recent Entries

Jumping Rideability Exercise # 3

Advanced Trot Pole Exercise # 3

Try This Mental Trick, to Quickly Bring Your Riding to a New Level!

"Reset" Your Aids

The Triangle Exercise

An Exercise to Help You to Refine Your Turning Aids

An Exercise to Rev Up the LAZY Jumper

A Simple Exercise to Help You to Relax and Reset the Position of Your Shoulders When Riding

All About the Volte!

An Exercise to Improve Your Horse's Carriage in the Dressage Ring

All Roads Lead to Rome.... Or Do They??

Training and Conditioning the Young Event Horse

The Counted Walk - a Tool to Improve Your Horse's Carriage in Dressage

A TEST of Your Horse's Rideability & Adjustability

Do You Get Nervous When You Perform at a Horse Show??

The Ultimate Rider Hand Position Fix!

A Ground Pole Exercise to Improve Your Horse’s Rideability Over Fences

The Box Exercise

Advanced Jumping Exercise # 1

Advanced Trot Pole Exercise # 2

How Your Driving Habits Relate to Your Riding Habits

An Exercise to Teach Your Horse to Be More HOT to Your Inside Leg Aid

An Exercise to Help Improve Your Horse's Connection Over the Back

The Benefits of "Stair Stepping" Your Lateral Exercises

Does Your Horse Fall In When Lunging?

The Crest Release, the Automatic Release, and Everything In Between (With Pictures!)

The *Volume* of Your Aids

The Benefits of Jumping Fences at Sharp Angles

An Exercise For Riders at All Levels, That Will Improve Your Dressage Test!

A Funny Story - With an Important Message! (Current freebie!)

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