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A series of educational articles written by Lesley. If you have any requests for topics, please send them to: admin@myvirtualeventingcoach.com 

Recent Entries

Monitor Your Horse's Stress Levels, For Best Results in Training

There Are Always Two Sides to Every Story - Even Between You and Your Horse!

Is Your Free Walk Really FREE? And Do You Make Good Use Of It?

Interval Training For Conditioning the Event Horse

The Order of Aids For Changing Your Horse's Bend From One Side to the Other

A Little Trick That is Helpful in the Training of Hot or Nervous Horses

A Test to See If Your Horse is in LATERAL Self Carriage

Canter Pole Exercise # 1

An Exercise to Help You to Find Your Abdominal Muscles When in the Saddle

The 'Half-Go'

3 Distinctly Different Ways of Controlling Your Horse's Shoulders in Circles, Turns & Lateral Work

All About Nosebands & Bridles

An Exercise to Sharpen Your Horse's Response to the Outside Aids

A Tool to Sharpen Your Horse's Jumping Form and Focus (For Horses & Riders of All Levels!)

Basic Suppling Exercise # 6

Rider Leg Aids

An Exercise to Help You Improve ALL of Your Downward Transitions

An Exercise to Rev Your Horse’s Motor - Building Impulsion & Hind Leg Engagement

Basic Suppling Exercise # 5

How to Train for Self Carriage at the Gallop

An Exercise to Help Teach Your Horse to Seek the Connection

A Jumping Exercise to Help You to Turn Your Speed Into Impulsion

Does Your Horse Like Rein Contact Right Up to the Point of Takeoff at a Jump? Or Does He Prefer a Soft/Loose Rein in the Final Strides? Find Out Here!

A Mental Trick to Help You to Think More About Your Horse's Hind Legs When Riding & Jumping

Practice This the Next Time You Go Cross Country Schooling!

Jumping Rideability Exercise # 3

Advanced Trot Pole Exercise # 3

Try This Mental Trick, to Quickly Bring Your Riding to a New Level!

Is Your Horse Sore in These Very Common Areas??

"Reset" Your Aids

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