Dr. Haefner's Corner "Ask the Doc", Question # 3

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Ashleen asks… I have a brain block when fences get bigger than 2'6". I have previously jumped 3'6" in my riding career but it's been a while. Now it seems like as soon as I hit 2'9", it looks insurmountable. I trust my horse like no other because I know she'll take care of me. And she routinely clears our 4'9" standards so it's definitely not a question of her ability. What can I do to work through this?

Ashleen – It may not surprise you to find out that you are not alone. As humans, we frequently connect meaning to observations and/or situations we encounter in our riding. Often, the meaning we make of a situation is far more potent in determining our reaction to a situation than an objective, sensible evaluation. It is likely that you have made a personally meaningful connection (albeit a seemingly negative one) between a specific fence height and some element of angst, anxiety or fear which is creating the block you are experiencing.

To tackle this problem you may wish to look in two different directions... (Click on Question Title above (in blue) to read full answer)

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