Question # 205: My horse is always "right on" on cross country. In stadium, however, we are both notably greener. Sometimes she's in XC mode, taking off all over the place in the warm up, which often leads to…

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...very sloppy rounds since we are both too busy fighting to see the jumps. But more often (and very contradictory), I have trouble getting her to take me to the fences. It's as if that light that is always on in cross-country, forward and looking for the next jump, doesn't come on in the show ring. To make matters worse, the lack of forward energy makes me resort to the old bad habit of leaning forward and jumping ahead (which I no longer do xc). So, how do I find that nice stadium impulsion, where she is not trying to take off galloping, while still not giving me the out-of-office auto-reply? Do I need to get a long stick with a nice brush fence to wave in front of her? (Nanna) 

Hi Nanna!

It sounds like you are having trouble finding the right canter for your show jumping. Your horse tends to be a bit "open" on the compression scale (read this article for a review on the scale of compression of the stride), and you will need to... (Click on Question Title above (in blue) to read full answer)

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