Question # 226: I have a rescue TB (starved, not raced that we know of) who I fostered and trained (and then adopted) and have had for over a year. I've been working on my half seat and trying to get her braver, going on hacks and practicing cross-country

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...(mostly trot, some canter) around the barn grounds (getting out of the ring). After :30 walking warmup yesterday we took off at a trot down the driveway and me in half seat; she did a big sideways spook with no warning and I went down on my tailbone. Ouch. . . . Got back on, worked her up and down that spot and got her better. I guess there are two things I'm after. One, what stirrup length should I use for cross-country/trail? I am using a hunter length which keeps my butt totally clear of the saddle. If I lower it one hole, it becomes much easier to maintain half seat, and I am more secure, but doesn't build my leg strength. ??? Also, I wonder if she feels more secure in full seat? This is the second time she's jumped completely out from under me in half seat (third, total). What should I do when she does this?? (Melanie)

Hi Melanie!

Ouch! Sorry to hear you fell on your tailbone! I've done that, and it is not fun! Regarding your question on stirrup length... (Click on Question Title above (in blue) to read full answer)

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