Question # 291: I want to get my mare to PSG in Dressage, and I'm dabbling again in jumping at novice level. I've been riding her Dressage for the last 5 years, with hardly any jumping. I ride mostly off of seat and thigh aids, with very little lower leg,

View a Printer Friendly version of this page, allowing you to print the page. she is nicely forward. My jumping instructor says I am pinching with my knee and thigh, and need to put my calves on my horse. But she is pretty narrow, so this is hard. And I am worried about losing the sensitivity she has towards my calf aids if I keep my calves too much on her sides. How can I work on my leg for jumping without losing my horse's sensitivity to the leg? (Jennifer)

Hi Jennifer!

It's great that you are doing some cross training and jumping your Dressage horse! You will probably find that your Dressage work only improves, as the variety will help her to enjoy her work even more! 

You raise a very interesting question... If you have trained your Dressage horse to be so forward thinking and "hot" to the leg, how do you develop or practice a jumping position with your lower leg on without losing that sensitivity? (Click on Question Title above (in blue) to read full answer)

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