Question # 314 and Video # 99: This is Susanne!

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I really feel like my horse has continued to improve as far as his ability to sit and compact his canter step, his lead changes have also gotten smother with less extravagance and better balance.  I am trying to sit in the saddle and keep my shoulders back before the jumps like you suggested and I do feel like that is helping him hold himself together better and also trying to be less rigid with my arms which is hard!! I wanted you to take a look at this video because I have a really hard time feeling like I am staying with him through the gymnastics, he has so much power and thrust and he is rushing a bit and I want to be with him, not against him so any tips you might have on what I need to do with my body to be in better balance with him would be great! (Susanne) (Click on Question or Video Title above (in blue) to read the answer and critique of this video)

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