Question # 322: Kayla has some new jumps and has a question about what to set up for a green horse.

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I finally have enough parts to make 10 jumps (with standards)! I’ve also got some odds and ends that I jump (12” high piece of pipe, cross rail set up with cable spools, etc), but these will be my first “real” jumps that look like a stadium round. I’ve got about 25 acres to set them up in, so I can space them way out for a sort-of-cross-country school, but I would really like some advice on how to set them up in a smaller area to simulate a stadium course. And if you know a few good exercises offhand for us super-greenies to work on, that’d be awesome too (especially ones for a horse who doesn’t seem to mind if he knocks down every pole in the pen 🙄). Thanks!! (Kayla)

Hi Kayla!

How exciting that you have some new jumps to work with! That's always fun! First I want you to read this entry on how to... (Click on Question Title above (in blue) to read full answer) 

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