Video # 107 and Question # 321: Kellyn has a question about her lovely OTTB, along with a video

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This is Maverick, a 9 year old TB I took off the track last year, and the half brother to my 2016 RRP Thoroughbred Makeover horse, Bauer. Maverick was supposed to be my 2017 RRP project but he's a bit delicate minded and we weren't ready to go.

So we're plugging along at home, taking our time and working on basics. Very very slowly. He has (I think) some balance issues and there are moments when he sort of loses his back end on turns (see video). When this happens he panics and gets a bit wild. We've been working on large circles and big figure 8's at home for months and have made a very small amount of progress. He can't handle serpentines or lateral work right now without losing his mind (he's rather dramatic and prone to going airborne). What other exercises can we do that would help this issue without getting him frustrated?

I've ruled out physical issues - he has no previous injuries, clean x-rays, good teeth, and no chiropractic issues. He is prone to ulcers and has been on ulcer treatment for a year now. (Kellyn)

Hi Kellyn!

The first thing I have to say is... (Click on Video or Question Title above (in blue) to read full answer and the critique of this video) 

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