Video # 108 and Question # 323: Kayla has a question (with video) about her horses tendency to fall out through his right shoulder when going to the left.

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My horse is super bendy going to the left, but he runs right through the outside rein. In our flatwork today, I was trying to get him to step into it before we made our downward transitions from canter to trot, and he would immediately hollow (both vertically and horizontally) and just run sideways, no matter how much I tried to bring his shoulders back. I used the lightest leg aid I could, but it didn't seem to matter. To the right, he doesn't bend as well, but that outside rein actually means something, and he seems to be comfortable stepping up into that one, just not going left. 

I added links to all of our videos from today, but our big fiasco was on our attempts at left lead transitions, however, I'm sure you can probably see where I'm wrong in any of them. I'm sure it's something I'm doing wrong, whether with my body position (I caught myself leaning left HARD in the lead departures), or with my hands, but I don't have any idea what, or how to fix it. He also seems to be twisting his head to the outside when we go left, but I'm not sure if he actually is or if it's an illusion because of the way his mane lies (and I can't see the muscle bulge if he's doing it both ways). (Kayla)

Hi Kayla!

What you are describing is actually very common! Most horses have a natural tendency to over bend their necks to the left. This causes them to lean on their right shoulder. And once a horse is heavy on their outside shoulder, they cannot respond properly to your turning aids, no matter how much they want to! (Click on Video or Question Title above (in blue) to read full answer and the critique of this video)

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