Video # 314, and Question # 337: Lauren has a question (with video) about her new OTTB mare.

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I just got this ottb mare, who came off the track last year. She's hot but not out of control. But if I relax my seat and loosen my reins she is wanting to go into the next gait. She won't relax. She's very tense, but not in a scared way. No transitions or anything. Almost like she is still on the track. I did alot of circles, big and little. When she begins the circle she quiets down and gives her head but coming out of the circle (Or the other side of the circle) she speeds right back up. Do you have any advice on getting her to relax, and quiet down? I feel like our whole ride was half halts. Also during our circle she will fall to the outside, so i close my outside leg a little more and then she falls inside. Maybe im asking for the bend/turn the wrong way? (Lauren) (Click on Video or Question title above (in blue) to read the answer and the critique of this video)

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