Video # 86: This is Holly, doing a row of bounces in her small indoor arena!

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So I've been taking it slow with my boy, we've started doing 2'6 courses! But, now it's winter and we have a ridiculously small indoor. I set up some trot-in bounce crossrails today (low because it was his first time doing bounces), mostly to work on my leg, but looking at the video, it almost looks like the distance between the jumps is too short. I'll send the video. They're 9 feet apart, and it feels like he went through them pretty flat as well. What's your opinion, and what do you think we need to work on? You can kind of see how small a space I have to work in, and until the massive flooding in the southeast eases up we're stuck indoors so I'm trying to find things we can do. Also, I had dropped the reins but hadn't quite figured out what to do with my arms so they're just kind of awkwardly there in this video. (Holly) (Click on Video Title above (in blue) to read the critique of this video)

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