Video Discussion # 89: Watch Ginny Leng show us what a good show jumping canter looks like!

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In this video, Ginny shows us a great example of the frame that allows most horses to show their best jumping form... Her horse is round and active behind the withers in this packaged, bouncy canter, yet he is up in his shoulders with an elevated head and neck in the final strides to the jump. Notice how his nose is up, and well ahead of the vertical on the final strides of the approach to each fence, which is very important - both for balance, and for the horse to be able to have his eye truly on the top rail. In watching this, can you get a sense of how this helps a horse to rock back and spring upward most easily? Also note that when her horse was on the wrong lead or cross cantering (which was surprisingly often) she was easily able to maintain the quality of the canter, and therefore the the horse still jumped well. If well ridden, it isn't really a big deal when that happens! What are your thoughts? (Click on Discussion Title above (in blue) to watch the video, and to read this educational discussion)

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