Question # 154: I have a student who has been working really hard to move up from cross rails to 2 ft. Though she understands the mechanics and reasons behind not jumping ahead, she struggles with waiting at the base…

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...and tends to push off her toe on the stirrup and gets too straight in her knee/hip angle and too far forwards with her torso. Then she gets "popped" a bit over the jump since her angles are too straight and rigid. This mostly happens when she doesn't have the pony in front of her leg all the way across the jump - she will have a great canter and then two strides out she'll start leaning a bit/getting on her toe a bit and not keep the pony forward, pony still jumps because she is good, but then it gets messy. I've tried videoing her to show her, we've jumped cross rails without stirrups, done lots of two point work cantering over poles, told her to keep her hips back, to just ride the jump like its just another canter stride and stay quite and just follow with her hands etc etc. Nothing seems to really be doing the trick. Wondering if you have any exercises that may help with this? (Vita) 

Hi Vita!

My first thought on reading this was that... (Click on Question Title above (in blue) to read full answer)

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