An Exercise to Help Teach Your Horse to Seek the Connection

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Definition of Holy Grail: 
  1. An object or goal that is sought after for its great significance
  2. Something that you want very much but that is very hard to get or achieve


Wondering what the Holy Grail of Dressage really is?? It is being able to achieve the rare status of your horse truly seeking the connection. Why is that so important?? 

Because only then can the horse use his body fully and correctly to achieve the highest levels of true collection.

Many to most horses out there competing are NOT honestly seeking the connection. Instead, many riders are trying to create that connection in a backward way. This causes the horse to hold himself in a "frame" rather than ever honestly seeking the contact. (More on this subject here.)

Only the horse that is consistently reaching into the connection will be able to lift his back freely and use his entire topline in a supple way as he moves. In other words, true "Throughness."

Here is a simple exercise, suitable for almost all levels of horses and riders, that will help you to teach your horse the concept of reaching into the connection: (Click on Article Title above to read full article)

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