Question # 47: I have a tendency to ride defensively, and get left behind over jumps. As a result, I land disorganized--with long reins, loss of contact and impulsion. My horse is not a stopper, so he usually jumps anyway, but those fences can be ugly!

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I want to smooth things out and become more consistent, and not feel like I'm playing catch-up the whole round!

What kind of exercises and practice can I do to learn to stay with my horse better over a fence and land ready for the next one? (Cheryl)

Hi Cheryl!

I might be able to help you a lot more if I could see a video of it happening - as if there is something going on with the horse that is making you ride defensively, that needs to be addressed to really fix the problem. Often riders are tempted to ride defensively if their horse is behind their leg, or if the horse's canter stride is too strung out, making a careful horse want to backpedal in the final strides in front of the jump. (Click on Question Title above (in blue) to read full answer)

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