Question # 354: Linda has a question about one of my quotes on "giving the reins."

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In response to your quote "The more often you give the reins, the softer your horse will be… both in the mouth and in the body." - I give the reins a lot. Like every time she asks. She is very soft. But I think she is also on the forehand? Your thoughts? (Linda)

Hi Linda!  

This is a great question! Because although there are LOTS of riders who find it hard to get in the habit of regularly softening the rein, there are also many riders who take it a bit too far - giving the rein too much, or not at the right time. Timing is absolutely CRUCIAL! If you give at the right time, your horse can enjoy freedom and self carriage. If you give at the wrong time... best case scenario, your horse will simply remain on the forehand. More dangerously, you may be teaching your horse how to make you take the pressure off whenever they want you to. (Click on Question Title above to read full answer)

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