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Photo # 28: This is Holly's next Eventing prospect! He is a 17 month old Appy/ISH cross.
Photo # 27: This is Anna again!
Photo # 26: This is Riese!
Photo # 25: This is Briana at the AEC's!
Photo # 24: This is Anna!
Photo # 23: This is Sherri!
Photo # 22: This is Cat and her OTTB Cody, jumping the first element of a coffin complex.
Photo # 21: This is Shantel and her Anglo Arab gelding!
Photo # 20: This is Vita and Toby!
Photo #19: This is Arielle!
Photo # 18: This is Vita and her horse PJ!
Photo # 17: This is Emily! (Current freebie!)
Photo # 16: This is Shelby!
Photo # 15: This is Amelia!
Conformation Discussion # 1
Photo # 14: This is Briana and her horse Henry at their recent long format three day event!
Photo # 13: This is Naomi's student Bailey! We are told that they are a great pair on the flat. But over fences, if the jump is not met perfectly Bailey gets popped up in the air a bit.
Photo # 12: This is Kimberly's other daughter Meaghan!
Photo # 11: This is Kimberly's daughter Kelley!
Photo # 10: This is Kimberly!
Photo #9: This is Cheryl's horse Winnie! Being ridden at a show by her trainer...
Photo #8: This is Abby!
Photo # 7: This is Cheryl's new horse Winnie! With her former owner riding her..
Photo # 6: This is Anna and her horse Tiny!
Photo # 5: This is Charity and her 3 1/2 year old KWPN!
Photo # 4: (Current freebie!) This is Brigit again! With a different horse...
Photo # 3: This is Sarah!
Photo # 2: This is Brigit and her horse Dru!
Photo #1:
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