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An Exercise For Riders at All Levels, That Will Improve Your Dressage Test!
A Funny Story - With an Important Message! (Current freebie!)
Jumping Rideability Exercise # 2 - For Horses & Riders at All Levels
An Advanced Trot Pole Exercise to Improve Suppleness, Strength, and Rideability
Lateral Work as "Medicine" For the Dressage Horse
A Spanish Riding School Exercise to Increase the Collection in Your Horse's Canter
Help to Ensure That Your Horse LIKES His or Her Job!
Do You Know What Skills You and Your Horse Need to Have Before Entering a Novice Level Event?
The “Floor” of Your Dressage Seat
The Adjustability Exercise
A Variety of Exercises to Do With 3 Poles on the Ground - For Riders of All Levels!
Signs That Your Performance Horse Might Be Sore
The Great Debate - To Look For a Distance or Focus on the Quality of the Canter When Jumping (Current freebie!)
Does Your Horse Pick Up the Canter With His Haunches In?
The Wiggly Worm Exercise
The Pre Purchase Exam
Where a Rider Should Look When Riding the Various Lateral Movements
HOW to Use the Turn Into Each Jump to Balance Your Horse
Everything You Need to Know About Jumping Up a Bank
Riding From "Front to Back"
The Function of the Rider’s Elbow Joints
The "Shoulder Yield" Exercise
A Test of Your Flatwork Training (For All Levels!)
Trotting Fences
Clashing of Aids vs the Coordination of Aids
The Pre Flight Checklist
The Power of Your True Intentions!
3 Signs That Your Bending Aids Are Working Correctly
An Exercise to Help You Find an Even Pace Over Fences
Horses that Tilt Their Head in Dressage
Learn Your Horse's Natural Tendencies
The BEST Exercise to Loosen Up Your Horse's Tight Lower Back Area
Nose to the Wall Leg Yield
An Exercise to Improve Your Cross Country (For Riders at Every Level !)
Improve Your Ability to Think on Your Feet!
How Many Gears Do You Have in the Canter?
The Corridor of Aids
An Exercise to Help Improve Your Trot to Canter Transitions
What Does it Mean for the Horse to be "Between the Rider’s Hand and Leg"?
Could YOU Jump a Fence That Fell Out of the Sky and Landed Three Strides in Front of You as You Canter or Gallop Along??
Dressage Canter Adjustability Exercise # 2
An Exercise to Teach BOTH Horse & Rider to Be More Patient in Front of Jumps
An Important Skill to Practice For Riding a Cross Country Course
The Difference Between a "Correction" and Punishment When Training Horses
Teach Your Horse to Better Follow Your Eye When Jumping
The Most Productive Way to Begin Each Ride
Making the Best Use of the Terrain on Cross Country
An Ian Stark Jumping Exercise (For the Very Brave!) That Will Sharpen Up Every Horse!
The Number One Rule For a Rider When Approaching a Jump!
Different Half Halts For Different Situations
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