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Discussion # 146: Not all that appears to be "behind the vertical" actually is! (Current freebie!)
Video Discussion # 94: Want to know what the Dressage judges are looking for when judging the equivalent of a First Level Dressage test??
Video Discussion # 93: More than a "missed distance"!
Discussion # 145: Stiff vs athletic movement
Discussion # 144: Is this a refusal?
Video Discussion # 92: This is a very cool and educational video on the horse's hoof and the shoeing of our amazing equine athletes!
Discussion # 143: How would you ride this fence?
Video Discussion # 91: This video discusses getting your horse to truly think forward to improve your trot lengthenings.
Quiz # 28: Rule Quiz! True or false - Gloves are required in the Dressage phase at the Preliminary level
Video Discussion # 90: This video shows the various lateral movements in detail, and demonstrates the great exercise of transitions back and forth between shoulder in and renvers.
Discussion # 142: A rather random Dressage thought for the day on riding precise circles!
Discussion # 141: Check out this cross country complex!
Video Discussion # 89: Watch Ginny Leng show us what a good show jumping canter looks like!
Video Discussion # 88: This short video shows a great example of a rider riding truly *forward* in a trot to walk transition!
Discussion # 140: Let's discuss the very common problem of "one sidedness" in the horse!
Discussion # 139: How would you ride this fence?
Discussion # 138: THIS is why Eventers need to have a defensive position!
Discussion # 137: How do you know if your horse isn't pushing equally off of both hind legs when he jumps? Why is it a problem if he doesn't? And how can you fix this problem?
Quiz # 27: Multiple choice question!
Discussion # 136: Let's look at this entire sequence of photos, of a rider jumping through an Intermediate water complex...
Discussion # 135: What do you see in these 3 drawings of a horse's hoof?
Discussion # 134: What common mistake is this rider making? And what effect will this have on her horse?
Discussion # 133: Which rider has a better lower leg position coming off of a drop fence, and why?
Discussion # 132: What does this rider need to work on?
Discussion # 131: Correct extended trot vs what is more commonly seen today
Video Discussion # 87: Video showing an exercise that can be useful for improving your horse's rideability on course
Discussion # 130: I recently came across this visual challenge which caused some trouble!
Discussion # 129: Who can tell us what causes this situation?
Discussion # 128: In what circumstances would a rider want to lengthen their reins on cross country?
Discussion # 127: Which horse has better front leg conformation?
Discussion # 126: Where would you jump this cross country fence?
Discussion # 125: Let's discuss this great quote from Christopher Bartle!
Video Discussion # 86: The important points of free jumping your horse, and how to best introduce jumping to the young horse!
Discussion # 124: How do you feel about having corner jumps at the Novice level?
Discussion # 123: The correct position vs the chair seat!
Discussion # 122: How do you best handle this situation?
Video Discussion # 85: A must see Dressage video, showing examples of correct and incorrect movement in the trot!
Discussion # 121: What "sneaky" extra challenge does this cross country complex provide for the riders?
Discussion # 120: What type of comments do you regularly recieve from the judges on your Dressage Tests?
Discussion # 119: Let's evaluate the quality and correctness of these extended trots.
Video Discussion # 84: Let's watch this Dressage test ridden by Steffen Peters!
Discussion # 118: Let's discuss how to constructively open yourself up to attaining new information!
Quiz # 26: Rule quiz! We've all seen the Rolex riders wearing them… so we know they are legal for FEI events. But are ear fly bonnets legal for the Dressage phase of a USEA event?
Discussion # 117: There are some who say that balance and impulsion are somewhat contradictory terms… that the more impulsion your horse has, the more he will push himself on the forehand. But this is not really true...
Video Discussion # 83: Let's watch this video about schooling the leg yield!
Discussion # 116: How would you ride this type of cross country jump?
Discussion # 115: There are two schools of thought on this subject… what do you think?
Discussion # 112: Look at the visual challenge presented by this green show jumping fence which aims the horse directly into the green seats of the grandstand.
Discussion # 114: Which horse has a better shoulder angle? And what about pastern angle?
Discussion # 113: It's often said, "Your horse is your mirror". Do you agree?
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